Akshaya Asokan

Akshaya Asokan

Senior Correspondent, ISMG

Asokan is a U.K.-based senior correspondent for Information Security Media Group's global news desk. She previously worked with IDG and other publications, reporting on developments in technology, minority rights and education.

Vastaamo Hacker Disappears Amid Ongoing Trial

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 20, 2024

Chinese Hacking Contractor iSoon Leaks Internal Documents

Akshaya Asokan , David Perera  •  February 20, 2024

Arrests and Indictments in LockBit Crackdown

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 20, 2024

LockBit Infrastructure Seized by US, UK Police

Akshaya Asokan , David Perera  •  February 19, 2024

Encryption Vital for Right to Privacy, European Court Rules

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 14, 2024

More Signs of a Qakbot Resurgence

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 13, 2024

Large Language Models Won't Replace Hackers

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 9, 2024

Suspected EncroChat Admin Extradited to France

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 8, 2024

Meta Is Being Urged to Crack Down on UK Payment Scams

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 7, 2024

Chinese Hackers Penetrated Unclassified Dutch Network

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 6, 2024

UK Government Warned of AI Regulatory Capture by Big Tech

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 5, 2024

UK Lawmakers Push Ahead With Revised Snoopers' Charter

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 2, 2024

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